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for mounting Motor & Gearhead
For motors of frame size
□70mm/80mm/90mm and
for gearheads of frame size
Extension Cable
for connecting speed control motors with speed controller
This is for the connection between speed control motor and controller. The basic length of extension cable is 0.3m. So if longer needed, please place order additionally. There are 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0/5.0m extension cables.
Output Flange
for worm hollow type gearhead
It is available to fix/install gearhead by attaching output flange to worm Hollow Type Gearhead
Output Shaft
for worm hollow type gearhead
These are output shafts to be attached to Worm Hollow Type Gearhead. There are unidirectional output shaft and bi-directional output shaft.
General Type
For Speed Controller FX1000
Resin Can for 110V
There are various capacitors per capacity to start AC single phase motors.