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AC Motor

Features of DKM AC Small Geared Motors
DKM AC small geared motor was developed first in Korea in 1987 and has been used in a good reputation throughout the whole areas of domestic/overseas industry up to know. Our AC small geared motor having passed the certification such as CE, CCC, ISO etc. is proud of various and wide range of specification which satisfies various electrical requirements from all over the world.
Induction Motor

- Constant speed with
  continuous operation
- Stop in 2 sec. when
  switched off
- Overrunn: 30-40 times
- Possible for reverse
Reversible Motor

- Suitable for frequent
  reverse operation
- Stop in 0.5 sec. when
  switched off
- Overrun: 5-6 times
- Possible for reverse rotation
Brake Motor
- Suitable for operation
  where load should be
  maintained - Stop in 0.2 sec. when
  switched off
- Overrun: 2-3 times
- Possible for reverse rotation
Clutch & Brake Motor

- Suitable for high frequent
  start and stop operation
- Stop in 0.1 sec. when
  switched off
- Overrun: 1 time
- Possible for reverse
2 Pole Motor

- High speed rotation
- 3,600 RPM (60Hz)
- 3,000 RPM (50Hz)
- Used without gearhead
- Possible for reverse
Torque Motor

- Suitable for controlling
  tension and pushing in
  winding operations
- Possible for reverse
Speed Control Motor

- Easy control of motor
- Line-up: Speed Control
  Induction Motor, Speed
  Control Reversible Motor,
  Speed Control Brake Motor,
  Speed Control
  Clutch&Brake Motor
Speed Controller

- Connected to speed control
  motor by extension cable
- FX1000A: Front panel
  potentiometer, Unit type
  (Connecting motor with
  easy-to-use connector)
- DSK: Front panel
  potentiometer, Socket type
  (Connecting motor with
- DSKS: Separate
  Socket type
  (Connecting motor with
AC Small Geared Motor Line-Up